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100 Montaditos

There’s a lot that I miss about being in Barcelona, including the food. But the good news is that one of Barcelona’s major chain restaurants, 100 Montaditos, is in the US and spreading quickly. The name translates to 100 Sandwiches in English, and the sandwiches are certainly what the chain is well known for. They’re all fairly tiny, not more then a few inches long, but the idea is to order a few different kinds at once. They’re similar to sliders you would order at a pub, and the menu is huge, offering over 50 different kinds. Some of my favorites were the pollo con ali oli, a chicken sandwich with a spicy dressing, and the queso fresco, tomate, y aceite de oliva, a sandwich with cheese, olive oil, and fresh tomatoes. The state side restaurants also offer more Americanized sandwiches in addition to the Spanish ones, such as barbeque pork.


One of the best things about the restaurant is the low price of basically every item on the menu. No sandwich costs more then $3, most are only $1.50. Side orders, such as french fries, and desserts are in the same price range. In Barcelona the beer and sangria was $1 per glass, but unfortunately, that is the one place the price seems to have increased in the American locations.


 There’s not a location in Boston yet, but the chain is expanding, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they opened up a location here in the next year or two. Today was the grand opening of their Virginia location, and three months ago they opened one in downtown Manhattan. If you find yourself in any of these areas, or even Barcelona, make sure to stop in for a bite to eat!

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