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Boston is in the process of healing. It will take time.  Strong and united Boston stands.  Listening to Stephen Colbert talk about Boston and who we are, humorous but true! Hearing the national anthem being sung at the Bruin game last night shows our unity and spirit.  

The victims and their families are always in our thoughts.  It is still unimaginable but the strength of the community will unite everyone.  We will be dealing with this for a long time to come.  Next year, the Boston Marathon will be bigger and better than ever. 

Fundraisers have begun to help and of course the restaurant community is always one of the first to be there and to help.  This time is no different.

It is this same restaurant community and the hospitality industry which unites yearly to help us raise money for breast cancer care and research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute with our event Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer.  Our event takes place every year during the week of Mother’s Day where buying a dessert something so small and delicious makes a huge difference in helping in the fight against breast cancer.

This year with the generosity of so many we have 335 participants in 113 communities in Massachusetts.  Massachusetts unites for Boston Bakes! We have more food trucks to tempt you with! We have the addition of many Stop and Shop locations, Whole Food Markets, Sudbury Farms and Roche Brothers! Food shopping and making a difference in the fight against breast cancer has just become a bit easier!  You can shop and have desserts sent to your home or to the home of others! Bakeries, Cupcake shops and Cafes have many wonderful desserts to tempt you with!  You can dine out at a wide variety of restaurants!  Family oriented restaurants to those special restaurants you save for a special time, now is that time to go out and enjoy! The week of Boston Bakes May 6-12th is that time!

I will be sharing with you some of the desserts that will make a difference in the fight against breast cancer!  Make your plans now, make your reservations now! Now it is with your help that we can raise the money to make a difference.   Visit our website and start making your plans now for the week of Mother’s Day!  It is the one time of the year desserts are good for you!

strawberries -n- cream

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