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Since today is Memorial Day and we celebrate those who have served our country, I have chosen today to share this message from our friend Peter Devereaux.  Peter served our country and was based at Camp Lejeune. He is one of the many men based at Camp Lejeune who developed male breast cancer.

A Message from Peter- THE CANCER IS BACK

May 2013

My treatment stopped working. My cancer had a chance to grow and get inflamed. We have already started a new treatment and they are hopeful for great results. These are the challenging times when my body is extremely sore with no energy. This is a time when I really have to focus on me. I will go and reboot my life. Starting with diet and exercise. I will need to rest more and get back to physical therapy and get my body working again. I have already received a steroid shot to loosen up my hip. I will continue with acupuncture, hot tub, hot and cold packs. Gravity machine, infra red sauna. I will continue with a good juicing program. In part the Doctors and crew are doing their part, I will continue to do my part. Together my life will be filled with love and good energy.    Livestrong      Pete

We share this story on Pete from Rock 30. 

We our prayers and thoughts are with Pete and his family.  We know Pete is a fighter.  Pete is generous with every breast cancer organization and event in our community.  The word “no” is not in his vocabulary. He puts a face to male breast cancer.  He shares his story with us, his feelings.

Now we share our love and support for Pete and his family!

We are with you Pete!

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