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This Mother’s Day, give the gift of the mammogram nag.

Reach out to those mothers and grandmothers that you know haven’t been getting annual mammograms and remind them that it is time for them to get that mammogram they have been putting off for so long.

You will hear the usual excuses for not getting a mammogram:

  • Too busy…no woman is so busy that she can’t take a half hour to have a life-saving screening
  • Can’t afford it…Call local Departments of Health for sites that offer free mammograms
  • Afraid of the outcome…most of us are afraid, but we are more afraid of having breast cancer
  • It hurts…a bit, but not as much as childbirth.

Offer to:

  • Make the appointment for her at a site and a time that is convenient
  • Insure that she will be screened by a female, if that is an issue for her
  • Go with her
  • Translate for her if she has a language barrier
  • If she has young children, take care of her children while she goes

If all else fails, remind these wonderful women of how important they are to their children, whatever age their children are. They owe it to their children to take care of themselves. No one wants to see their mother or grandmother suffer through extensive breast cancer treatment. Remind them that a mammogram can identify a breast cancer in its earliest stage, before it can be felt, before it requires prolonged treatment.

I know it is not easy to nag a loved one about getting a mammogram, but you will be doing your part to see that your special lady is around to enjoy more Mother’s Days .

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