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Time goes by so quickly, we are having a hard time keeping up with adding those who are participating in this year’s Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer which is scheduled for May 2-8th to our website. We will get it all done.    By the time we are done adding the new restaurants and bakeries not only in Boston but throughout the suburbs of Massachusetts, we will be over the 160 mark and getting ever so closer to the 200 mark.

Countless hours go into to make one week of Boston Bakes a success and it is done with the help of many unseen faces. We thank all the unseen faces for the time and efforts for rolling up their sleeves and doing jobs both big and small but all equally important.

We will be so happy to reach the 200 participant level.  It is a milestone we hope to pass soon with everyone’s help.  PR firms in Boston are so helpful in suggesting to their clients that they should participate in Boston Bakes and we are grateful for them for doing this!

It is a joint effort that makes Boston Bakes come together each year.  We are grateful for all who make it possible and who help us raise money for breast cancer one sweet at a time.  Soon we will be adding photos to our Facebook page of the wonderful desserts for 2011 and a slide show will be available on our wonderful website in the near future.

It is back to work for us, more blogs to write, recipes to try, potential restaurants, bakeries, cafes and chocolate and ice cream shops  to reach out to, hoping they all say yes and get involved with an event so easy and so sweet!

If you would like to get involved we can use the help of more volunteers! If you know of any restaurants, bakeries, cafés, ice cream or chocolate shops in Massachusetts that you would like to see get involved ask them to contact us! Get involved and you can help us make dessert history by raising money for breast cancer one sweet at a time!

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