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Move over 160 we now have over 190 restaurants, bakeries and cafes and chocolate shops participating in this year’s Boston Bakes.  Hopefully we are not done adding more participants because I would be disappointed if that was the case! We have records to break!

It is so much fun when someone says yes and of course there is disappointment when someone says no.  I only hope that one year the y will say yes to participating in Boston Bakes!  I do understand how often the food community is asked to give and they do give so much for to so many causes that affect our community.   The restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and chocolate shops should be applauded for all that they do for the causes that affect our community.

Let’s talk about what has happened this week!  We have our first cupcake truck signed up for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer. Yes, Kickass Cupcakes will be on the road and offering a cupcake not only in their Somerville store but on their truck as well.  We are on the high seas with the Spirit of Boston and the Odyssey!  On land and on sea is my motto!  Who would have thought! Now we welcome 7ate9 Bakery who delivers cheesecake to certain areas and will be doing Boston Bakes 2011! Can’t wait to find out what wonderful cheesecake they will be making for Boston Bakes!

It is also wonderful that restaurant companies continue to give us more of their restaurants than the year before.  Last year, we had only the Four’s in Quincy, now the other 2 Four’s  in Boston and Norwell will be participating as well!   Last year, we only had Big Papi’s Grille now The Asgard in Cambridge & The Kinsale in Boston will join Boston Bakes!  One Burton’s Grill in Boston last year is now 4 this year with the addition of their locations in Hingham, North Andover and Peabody.  I like the trend and am grateful for everyone’s support of Boston Bakes and their belief in what we do whether they have one or twenty involved with our event.
It is back to work on Boston Bakes, more establishments to contact, more participants to sign up, and more blogs to write!  Till next week!

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