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Apple Cider Vinegar

When I moved into my apartment last year, I had never heard of apple cider vinegar. But my room mate had a bottle of it, and she used it for literally everything. From putting it in her hair to actually consuming it, apple cider vinegar seemed to be the solution to any problem. It turns out that alternative medicine has been advocating its use for decades. Scientific studies have shown that although apple cider vinegar might treat the problem, it doesn’t always work better than another remedy would (It might help your sore throat, but so would a cough drop). It is, however, a natural remedy, as opposed to a product filled with chemicals. If your looking for a one-stop solution that can be used in any way imaginable, invest in a bottle of apple cider vinegar. The brand my roommate used, which seems to be the most popular, was Bragg, although there’s a variety of different ones. Here’s some of the things it’s commonly used for:

  1. Improving hair. If you wash some into your hair after you shampoo, it will close your hair cuticles, make your hair extra shiny. The vinegar is also awesome at removing excess products that often get left in hair and can build up.
  2. Improving skin. The vinegar is acidic, so it can help to balance skins pH levels. This is really helpful with making bruises fade faster.
  3. Cure a sore throat. Mixing apple cider vinegar with hot water and gargling it can help relieve a throat in pain.
  4. Good for your diet. Apple cider vinegar has a ton of potassium, which is needed for things like growth and muscle development. Some people who drink it regularly, like my room mate, say that it has helped them loose wait, but unfortunately no scientific studies have confirmed that one yet. 6a0112796f38d028a40163034e5620970d

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