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Bantam Bagels Delivers!

By One Comment3 min read

bantam collageOne dream can change a couple’s life! Meet Elyse, who grew up in Needham, and her husband Nick who now reside in New York and are the owners of Bantam Bagels the mini filled bagel balls bakery that is taking New York by storm!

How did this new venture start?  It all started with a dream Nick had and one day later they were baking and tasting this new concept.  They eventually left their fast paced Wall Street careers and opened Bantam Bagels on Bleecker Street in New York City!

Now if you are lucky to live in certain states, these Bantam Bagels can be shipped to you!  So of course knowing they ship to Massachusetts, I had to order some, 4 dozen to be exact.  A variety of Bantam Bagels arrived in a box well wrapped for something perishable with details and instructions to make your Bantam Bagel experience the best it can be.  Their attention to detail is obvious when you open the box and see that everything in each package is labeled.  Directions for the best way for heating so the bagels will taste the way they were made to taste and most importantly how to Bite the Hole or how to eat your Bantam!

The box was delivered right in time for dinner so we had a Bantam dinner party.

Our dinner included:

The Bleecker Street, pizza dough bagel topped with a thin slice of pepperoni and filled with marinara mozzarella cream cheese.

Hot Pretzel – Pretzel bagel topped with pretzel salt filled with Dijon cheddar cream cheese.

Apple Pie- Cinnamon nutmeg bagel filled with sweet vanilla caramel apple cream cheese.

French Toast – Cinnamon nutmeg egg bagel filled with buttery maple syrup cream cheese topped with powdered sugar.

The Hangover- Cheddar cheese egg bagel filled with bacon cheddar cream cheese.

The Skinny- Whole Wheat Bagel filled with low fat veggie cream cheese.

Everybody’s Favorite- Everything bagel filled with freshly chopped veggie cream cheese.

Cinnamonster- Cinnamon raisin bagel filled with sweet walnut cream cheese.

Cookies and Milk- Brown sugar walnut bagel filled with chocolate chip cream cheese.

The Weekend Bruch Bagel- with lox, tomato and red onion cream cheese.

And the Plain Bantam with cream cheese!

Oh what a meal we had!  Enjoying them was like having the perfect bit of bagel the one you always dreamed of having and here it was.  We kept heating and eating until they were all gone!  We each had our own favorites and least favorites.  You don’t know which are going to be your favorites until you try a wide variety of them.  To my surprise the Cookies and Milk was incredible and I could have eaten 12 of them all by myself.   Everybody’s Favorite the everything bagel filled with freshly chopped veggie cream cheese is named ever so appropriately.

We enjoyed every bite! The evening went all too quickly. Yes we were full but it left us wanting more.

For a great gift for anyone on your list, order and have some Bantam’s delivered to you and yours.

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