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Save the Date!  May 6-12, 2013 for the Fourteenth Annual Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer! Save Room for Dessert! Help us raise money for Breast Cancer!

We are proud to announce that Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2013 is dedicated to the memory of Anna Guarino, aunt of our longtime friend Joanna Roffo from Regan Communications Group who has helped and supported Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer for many years

annaI encourage you to read more of Anna’s story!  As time goes on you will know more of what a very special and generous woman Anna was and how greatly she is missed by all who knew her.

The slate has been wiped clean!  Participants will be added as we receive their registration forms! Help us do more this year than we did for Boston Bakes 2012!  Want to participate in Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2013?  Just register to participate!  Know someone you would like to see participate, tell us about them!   Suggest to them that they should participate in our event!

Help us raise money for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Bakes for Breast Cancer, Inc., a 501(c) 3 nonprofit breast cancer organization dedicated to making a difference in the fight against breast cancer one sweet at a time!

Come back and visit our website often and see who is participating in Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2013!  With your help, Boston Bakes 2013 will be a banner year for us!

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