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All year I work on Boston Bakes and before I know it the event is here!

To go into Roche Brothers, and see their wonderful chocolate chip cookies with our logo on it is a thrill for me.

To past a restaurant and bakery and see our collateral materials on the table is a good feeling!

The week is just starting and I have desserts and pictures to share with you as well as wonderful stories all about Boston Bakes of course!

Yesterday of course I indulged in sweets – strawberry shortcake, low fat, vegan chocolate cake, strawberry Boston Cream Pie, just to name a few. Today will be no different. I know it is not good to skip breakfast and have a cupcake for lunch, but the Boston Bakes cupcake from Treat Cupcake Bar awaits!

May your day be filled with wonderful sweets to benefit breast cancer!


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