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Bringing a Bit of Holiday Cheer to Cancer Treatment Units

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The Loving Hands Loom Knitters, a charitable knitting group, is keeping  the spirit of giving alive for cancer patients at Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx, New York.

For the fifth year in a row, a group of Bronx ladies  gave out their hand-made hats and gloves to men and women in cancer treatment at Jacobi Hospital.

It was my pleasure to once again be a part of that special day. Loving Hands members include breast cancer survivors as well as ladies who want to show their support for men and women touched by cancer.

On November 15th we met at Jacobi and brought the hundreds of hats and scarves that the ladies made during the year to the several clinics where cancer patients receive care, as well as the  inpatient oncology unit.

Jacobi Hospital is one of New York City’s public hospitals serving a diverse population with limited resources. Warn hats and scarfs, especially handmade ones, are a luxury they cannot afford but are grateful to receive; not only for their warmth, but as gifts that carry a message of caring.

Members of Loving Hands work year-round on their loom knitting, getting ready for that special day when they make hundreds of people smile who don’t have much to smile about. In addition to the ladies that do the knitting, there are those who support the project by donating money to cover the cost of yarn, looms and other supplies.

The ladies also made hats with the left over yarn and donated them to the infants and children’s unit.

Charitable knitting groups exist all over the US. if you are a knitter and would like to become involved in a group, just Google search  – charitable knitting groups.

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