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Cancer Risk & Prevention Program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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Photo  of family considering genetic counseling

Family history is an important risk factor for cancer. Scientists have discovered that inherited factors (genes) play a major role in many cancers. Certain genes are known to be associated with an increased risk of developing a variety of cancers, including common cancers such as breast, ovarian, colorectal, and prostate, as well as rare cancers. It is now possible for patients to have their genes analyzed to learn whether or not someone carries a form of a gene that is associated with more cancer risk. Genetic information may help an individual and his or her physician take special steps to detect cancer early or prevent it altogether. Some people are tested to help relieve uncertainties about cancer risk.

At the Friends of Dana-Farber Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic, a team of specialists combines the latest medical and scientific knowledge with the most advanced surveillance, diagnostic, and prevention methods. We provide thorough evaluation and risk assessment, including genetic testing for cancer susceptibility, and educate patients about cancer risk and its implications for themselves and family members. We collaborate with referring physicians to design individualized plans for managing patients based on their cancer risk. We welcome you to explore our website to find more detailed information on the Cancer Risk and Prevention Program and the various services we have to offer.

Courtesy of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Newsletter


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