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The winter months can be long and dreary, especially in the harsh wind and gray skies of Boston. Its hard to motivate yourself to go out and about in this weather and as a result a lot of long cold nights are spent cooped up inside your own home.  I want to challenge you today to break this dull dreary winter routine and spice up your dark months by exploring some of the fabulous restaurants that Boston has to offer.  Now I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a connoisseur of Boston restaurant, being a college student with limited accesses around the city as well as a limited budget but I can share a few of my favorite haunts with you and I encourage you to go out and explore your own as well!


One of my all time favorite restaurants is Figs on Charles street.  This Todd English restaurant focuses on Pizza, and do they ever get this right. You can chose from a large variety of toppings, all of which will be displayed on a delicious and slightly crisp thin crust pizza cooked on the back of a standard sized baking sheet.  Imagine a 26 x 18 in. sized pizza. Pure heaven. Also great for sharing truth be told. My favorite topping? The Bianco pizza, with Arugula and tomato it is delicious way of getting a full serving of greens while still enjoying some yummy pizza.

Fig's Pizza


Max Brenner would be next on my list, and although this is a chain restaurant, for a chocolate lover like me it is a must-mention.  Located on Boylston street near the Prudential center Max Brenner is all about creating a chocolate culture. Most of his dishes are uniquely crafter to highlight this aspect, including many of the main dishes like the fries which are dusted with a chili cocoa powder. The real standout of this restaurant is the dessert menu featuring dishes like a smores sampler, chocolate berry waffles and even syringes filled with pure chocolate to squirt into your mouth. In short this is the perfect place for any chocolate and dessert lovers.

Max Brenner Waffles


Although I could go on and on about my favorite restaurants I’ll stop after this one because I could be happy attending only these 3 places for the rest of my life. Stephanie’s on Newbury is the perfect spot for brunch. Although the restaurant is always crowded that just further demonstrates their commitment to the quality food they put out. What I love about this place is that although they are a ‘nice’ restaurant, they aren’t stuffy. They are producing American classics that are truly done right.  The grilled cheese at this restaurant is possibly the best I have ever had, served on brioche bread with goat cheese, tomato and avocado it is the perfect combination of creamy and crunchy and tart.  If that’s not enough they also serve it with potato chips, yum.


I hope that these tantalizing descriptions will inspire you to not only try out these fabulous restaurants but do some exploring of your own and allow you to make your own list of favorite places to dine. Happy eating everyone!

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