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NECN’s TV Diner has a segment called Educating Jenny and is taped at BCAE. It is where Jenny Johnson interviews Boston area chefs and is taught something that the chef is demonstrating. If you get a chance to go spend a morning watching the taping you will have a most enjoyable experience.  It was fun to do and see and the tastings of what the chefs were demonstrating was an extra bonus!

But Jenny needs no education. She is a pro at shooting the segments, knows what she wants the segments to be, what needs to be taped and the shots she would like to see. Jenny is well prepared and all goes smoothly and quickly.

A quick change of clothes for Jenny between segments are done since each chef taping the series will be shown on different dates. Then it is on to the next segment, the next chef and the next food preparation!

All the seats in the BACE kitchen have a great view of the taping; you just have to ignore the camera in the middle!

I got a great education as well!  Some of the chefs doing the segments may do a full class at BCAE sometime in the future. Keep an eye on BCAE schedule to see if the chefs you saw will be teaching a class and then you if you want you can sign up with the BCAE on line for the class or any other classes you might enjoy.

It was a great to see the new facilities of the BCAE and I can’t wait to go back and take a class or two.  So far my timing has been off and each time I try to sign up for a class, it is already sold out and my wait list never cleared!  But that is my own fault and I have no one to blame but myself for not signing up for the classes earlier!

Check out TV Diner’s Facebook page and website for further details about Educating Jenny for taping dates. When you watch the final version that airs on the show, seeing the final product is a bit different from what you saw at the taping.

The next taping is January 14 check out if space is still available!

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