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Yesterday, as I was waiting for my iced soy hazelnut latte at my local coffee shop, the Barrista behind the counter had a bag full of “cookie crumbles” he was about the throw away. The broken pieces of cookie were still in perfectly good condition, they were just not whole enough to sell. And so, he willingly gave me two bags full of cookie pieces, as to avoid wasting the delicious desserts.

I brought the mixture of cinnamon-raison and double chocolate chunk cookies back to work with me, and my fellow employees devoured them without a second thought. This got me thinking: cookies are almost impossible to turn down.

There are so many delicious kinds of cookies: from classic chocolate chip to chunky peanut butter cup to minty milano melts.

But the one cookie that gives advice, and has a tasty cake-like crunch, is the fortune cookie.


Whenever I get Chinese food I look forward to the fortune cookie for dessert. The little message inside is bound to make me smile in some way, whether it be because it actually makes sense, or because it’s so far off that I just have to laugh. My latest fortune I found inside a fortune cookie: “warning, do not eat your fortune”.

With today’s gadget you can now make your own fortune cookies right at home!

The Sunbeam Fortune Cookie Maker lets you bake thin circular cookies, and it includes the mold which you use to form the folded shape of your cookie. It gets even better, because the Sunbeam Fortune Cookie Maker comes with those cute little sheets of paper, perfect for fitting inside you cookie!

The ready-indicator light turns on when it’s time to put the batter into the platelets, and the light also lets you know when your cookies are at their perfect golden-brown.

sunbeam fortune cookie maker from

The fortune molder and fork are included to make it easy to form you very own fortune cookie. And the non-stick plates make it so easy to clean!

Start by cooking two fortune cookies at once, and write personal messages to your friends and family to tuck inside!

Your homemade fortune cookies, and homemade fortunes, will be the biggest hit at your next party or get together! Kids will love writing and hiding fortunes inside the delicious dessert!

So don’t let your future go unanswered, get the Sunbeam Fortune Cookie Maker and start predicting what will happen next.

The Sunbeam Fortune Cookie Maker is available from for $29.99.

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