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giving tuesday 2014 collage

Today you will see social media a buzz with a hash tag and the words Giving Tuesday written like this #GivingTuesday; if you are wondering what this it is a day of global giving to charities around the world. The day falls after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and the oh so awaited for Cyber Monday. It is meant to remind us all that we are a world of givers and doers.

Now it is the day to remember the charities that need your help; charities that are both big and small will be vying for your attention and generosity.

We at Bakes for Breast Cancer, a grassroots organization, dedicated to making a difference in the fight against breast cancer by raising money for breast cancer research which not only helps with treatment for those men and women going through breast cancer but with the hopes of finding a cure. With the cure found, we will be more than happy to retire.

Until then we work very hard to raise money for breast cancer research. With grant money at an all time low, the money we raise for breast cancer research is ever so more important. We too are vying for your generosity.

Please donate. Your dollars can do so much so give today, give everyday, give when you can! It is with your help we can make a difference for we can’t do it alone. Thank you.

Your Friends at Bakes for Breast Cancer


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