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Gwyneth Paltrow my father’s daughter – a wonderful cookbook!

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I like to buy cookbooks. I still have a vast collection from my mother in addition to what I have acquired over the years.  I had a huge Gourmet magazine collection until recently when I ran out of space and realized I could get many of the recipes from!  Many times I wonder why buy cookbooks with so many wonderful recipes on line. Just by doing a simple Google search, I can get recipes galore! But there is still a good feeling about having a collection of wonderful cookbooks!

There are classic cookbooks that everyone should have and then there are some cookbooks that are just so special you want to have.  You can tell which ones they are because the pages are worn and stained. We all have our favorite cookbooks even though there might be just one favorite recipe you have from that one cookbook!

Currently I am borrowing a copy of one of my daughter’s cookbook and I have enjoyed reading it so much. I see so many recipes that I want to try that I am going out to buy Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook my father’s daughter – delicious, easy recipes celebrating family and togetherness very soon so I can have my own copy.

This cookbook has warmth to it with wonderful stories from the heart.  It has a guide on how to use the cookbook with symbols on each and every recipe telling you if it is a recipe you can make ahead, if it is a quick recipe, vegan, and vegetarian and so on. Many recipes come with different variations on preparation giving you more choices for that one recipe. Gwyneth gives you a list of essential tools and prepping techniques for poultry which I did not use when I made her 10 hour chicken, my mistake and for cleaning clams which is always good to know.  So many times when I go to the market I always forget something but Gwyneth has a page “If you haven’t had time to go to the health food or specialty store” and you don’t have certain products other alternatives you can use instead!

What I love is in the beginning of the book is a section for recipes for sauces and stocks! These recipes are not hidden in the end of the book.  I could have used the recipe for a fish stock from a recipe I recently made and how handy having the fish stock recipe would have been!

So what recipes do I want to make?  Cheesy stuffed burgers made with turkey or beef, duck ragu, Macaroni & cheese- a few ways, whole roasted fish with salsa verde, best stir-fried chicken just to name a few!  We can’t forget about the baked goods!  Blueberry muffins, peanut butter cookies and blueberry pavlova are on my list of foods to make!

I will keep you posted on the foods I make from My father’s daughter, a great cookbook by Gwyneth Paltrow!  Let me know the recipes you have made from her cookbook as well! Don’t forget to check out Gwyneth’s website something I have to do soon!


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