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Breast Cancer

Hello Pink.

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One week down in my pink month, and every morning the first thing that’s on my mind is how to arrange which shade, style, and type of pink to wear. I’ve worn anything from stockings with pink bows, ribbons painted on my face, scarves, headbands, shirts, dresses, bracelets, nail polish, etc, etc.

On the 3rd, I walked the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Boston, and sported pink, pink, pink. I’ve done the walk since I was in high school, and every year I’m reminded that there are SO many other people who have been affected by this disease. Even though the cause is serious, I always enjoy being around people who care about it as much and as passionately as I do. It makes me even more determined and happy that I’m doing this.

Boston Bakes For Breast Cancer has informed me that we now have a link for those who wish to donate, can!

If you would like to support my pink month, your mom, aunt, cousin, grandmother, sister – anyone – visit this site:

Click “donate online” and your money will go directly to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. $1, even 1 penny would help. All monies raised will be used in the fight against breast cancer and will fund Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer research programs.

I do want to make clear, though, that my pink month is completely and 100% for personal reasons. I’m not in this to force you to give the foundation money. I just figure if my mom can fight cancer for as long as she did, I can spend a month wearing pink. Who knows, this may turn into a year-round commitment.

Until next week, love you.


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