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Season 7 was the first time I watched Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen ever!  Sure I had seen the commercials for the show, but for who knows what reason, I never tuned in but this year with 2 Boston chef’s I had to watch!

Only in one other season was a chef from Boston in the “cast” and now in Season 7,  the “cast” included 2 great chefs from Boston with the potential to win Hell’s Kitchen.   I got hooked and blinded at the same time: blindsided because I so wanted a Boston chef to win and both Ben and Jay were right up there all the way and were capable of winning!  And then there was just Jay and Holli! All was looking good for Jay but wait….

I was a Communications major in college and I am sure in colleges across the country there are courses discussing reality TV and shows like Hell’s Kitchen.  It wasn’t until after the Finale aired and Holli won that I realized what I should have realized before:  this was a show and editing can lead us to believe one thing just to have that sudden surprise at the end. The intrigue was there till the end!

It is too early to check Wikipedia for the chart of the contestant’s progress as in past seasons to see where they stand.   If I watch carefully Season 7 over again and the seasons prior, I am sure I will see things I missed.

Season 7 is over and congratulations to Holli for winning Hell’s Kitchen.  May she have a wonderful year in London with her adorable son! Congratulations to Jay, the first chef from Boston to make it so far!

It has been a great ride but hopefully the ride is not over yet!

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