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Hi Bakes for Breast Cancer Blog fans!

Checking in with only ONE MONTH to go until Miss Boston 2014 and some really exciting news!

Miss Boston Update:

It has been an incredible road to Miss Boston and I’m so happy Bakes for Breast Cancer has been a part of it. Voting has started for the People’s Choice award. I would forever be thankful for your vote and support. One vote equals one dollar and you can give any amount you’d like. I’m so proud and excited to be representing the organization with my platform at the pageant. I’ve been working hard with the Bakes for Breast Cancer team to help them get ready for a new website! Throughout the process I’ve come to learn what a great and passionate team this nonprofit has behind them. It is no wonder the participants of Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer keep coming back year after year. If you have not joined in their fun, fundraising events to raise money for a cure yet, I hope 2014 is your year to start!

1012018_10201267538030746_1337757109_n People’s Choice Award

Great news:

I’d like to share a new, unique opportunity for Bakes for Breast Cancer with you all. The Boston Globe has given its subscribers a chance to support their favorite nonprofit by giving them sought-after advertising space in the Globe…for free! Every subscriber will receive a silver envelope in the mail this week or next, thanks to the new “Globe Grant” program. In the envelope you’ll find a voucher of a particular monetary value that you can donate to your favorite nonprofit to be redeemed for ad space over the course of the next year.

If you are a seven-day subscriber your voucher equals $100. If you have any other home delivery subscription or an online subscription your voucher equals $50. You have until March 1st to mail back the voucher for the nonprofit of your choice. For more information check out the program’s FAQS for subscribers. Not a subscriber yet? Sign up today! A nonprofit needs to have received at least $1,000 in vouches to receive ad space. That equals at least 10 seven-day subscribers or 20 subscribers of any other plan.

What would ad space mean to Bakes for Breast Cancer? THE WORLD! They would be able to tell a greater audience about their week-long fundraiser, Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer, May 5-11, 2014. They would also be able to publicize the amazing participants that donate desserts throughout the week. The event raises over $80,000 a year and with this added publicity they could break the $100,000 mark this year. This donation is free for you and PRICELESS for Bakes for Breast Cancer. Events and advertisements go hand in hand. Help us tell Boston how they can enjoy the great sweets our city has to offer while raising money for valuable breast cancer research and care.

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer donates money from the week-long event to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Funds raised help conduct basic research, translational research, and clinical trials with the hope of eliminating all deaths from breast cancer, and, ultimately, eradicating the disease entirely. All of this is achieved through selling desserts with a purpose.

So, do you love Boston? Love the Boston Globe? Love Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer? Love dessert? This is the perfect opportunity for you to help out! Look out for your silver envelope in the mail today!

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help Bakes for Breast Cancer make 2014 the best year yet! The 5 nonprofits that have earned the largest amounts will be named GRANT award-winners and recognized with an advertorial in the paper. Let’s do this!!





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