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We are pleased to announce with the success of the First Annual #OfficeBakeSale@bakes4bc that the event will be available for any office to have any month of the year! There is no need to wait till next October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month to have an office bake sale! We think this is reason to celebrate!

Our newest event the Office Bake Sale was met with open arms. We realized why does a company have to wait till next October to hold an Office Bake Sale! We realized there was no good reason to wait!

Now any month of the year you and your company can hold an office bake sale. It is as simple as all of our other events!

  • First step is to register for the event.
  • Second, download the calendar and other materials.
  • Third, get your coworkers involved by having them sign -up to bring a dessert into your office break room on a specific day. The dessert can be homemade or store bought that you and your coworkers bring in!
  • Put the dessert in your office’s break room along with the donation jar and suggested donation.
  • At the end of the month, mail your donation to Bakes for Breast Cancer at PO Box 920748, Needham, MA 02492 or use the PayPal link on our website to donate the funds.
  • Post your office bake sale pictures using the hashtag #OfficeBakeSale@bakes4bc on Social Media.

Share this with everyone you know and let there be an #OfficeBakeSale@Bakes4bc at every office around the country. Help us raise money for breast cancer one sweet at a time through our dessert -oriented events! Help us make a difference in the fight against breast cancer, which touches so many women and men we know and love!


It is so easy to host an office bake sale!

It is so easy to host an office bake sale!


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