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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is quickly passing but if you want to do something simple and help us raise money for breast cancer, our breast cancer nonprofit Bakes for Breast Cancer has the right event for you to do! It is simple to do and can make a difference! The great thing is you can do it now!

Our nonprofit Bakes for Breast Cancer raises money for breast cancer research with the hopes of finding a cure through dessert-oriented events. This October we introduced the #OfficeBakeSale @Bakes4bc. We know every office loves to enjoy a sweet treat. We ask that you visit our website, download the materials and ask your co-workers to fill in the calendar on the days they are able to bring in sweets, homemade or purchased the choice is yours! Leave the treats in your break room along with the donation jar and at the end of the month;mail your donation to us at Bakes for Breast Cancer. It is a simple and sweet way to get your office involved in doing something during Breast Cancer awareness month.

Or you can go really crazy like this office did for their #OfficeBakeSale @Bakes4bc!
The choice is yours and you can bring it into your office on Monday and get the process started!

Any questions, just contact us!

Please to share your photos on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram using #officebakesale@bakes4bc!



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