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Carla is off Top Chef All Stars, and i miss her unique and fun personality.  And, her “Hootie Hoo” perking greeting. I mean, it’s one of those sayings that sticks, like BAM from Emeril Lagasse.

Lucky for me, Carla’s memory lingers and especially her winning Chicken Pot Pie dish.  Even Tom  Colicchio loved it.

Carla’s remarks at judges table about including both a pre cooked, top and botttom crust, got me thinking.  I mean, i’ve been making the old comfy standby Chicken Pot Pie for ages, without complaint, but i thought, i should try this using her method.

Not for anything, but i did get a round of raves from my dinner guests.  I thought their remarks might have something to do with my presentation since I used my favorite Apilco 5 inch fluted round deep dishes.  And, let’s face it, the pies did look spectacular.

The true test, however, came from those who provide the real reality and sometimes hard to receive truth, the family. Guess what? Everyone of them said something especially great about what they were rapidly devouring.  Now, that’s the true test!

So I say, check out Jimmy Fallon or Carla’s new blog, where you can get the recipe.  And most importantly, prepare yourself for something that is what we all want, food that we’ve made with love and gets love in return.



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  • Amy says:

    I love Carla, too! I still haven’t attempted any of the Top Chef recipes but now I’m inspired to try one since yours look so deeeelish… thanks!

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