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Years ago I went on a mission to find “the” coffee pot which would make the best cup of coffee.  Up until that point, I had used various coffee pots that just never gave me that perfect cup of coffee I was looking for. Through my Google search I came across the vacuum coffee pot which claimed it make the best cup of coffee.  I was intrigued! I read up on the vacuum coffee pot and the reviews were all positive.

The vacuum coffee maker was not very expensive as coffee makers could be so I got it and found it makes a great cup of coffee.  It works a little differently than your average coffee maker.  It takes more coffee to for each pot of coffee you make and a bit more time.  The instructions say to use hot water, when I used hot water from the tap, it took a long time to make so either I microwave the water or boil it in a pan on the stove and the coffee is finished faster than just using hot tap water.  It is fun to watch the water rise to the upper globe of the coffee pot and all it has to do is boil or gurgle for 2 minutes on medium heat.  After the 2 minutes, remove from the heat and watch your coffee go down to the lower globe or coffee pot, remove the top and you have a great cup of coffee waiting for you!  It does not stay as hot as other coffee makers, so drink it when it is finished!

I was doing fine with making coffee until yesterday!  I had boiled the water, added it the pot, put the coffee in the top part of the globe, set it on the trivet and put it on medium on my electric stove.  I got a little busy with my work on Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and totally forgot I was making coffee.  By the time I got back to the kitchen, the coffee was boiling away and was half gone and for those who dared to drink it said it was fine, just very strong!  I am sure it was very strong but good I doubt!

I learned my lesson, when making the best cup of coffee keep your eye on the pot and don’t leave the room until the process has finished!

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