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Ice Cream at the Fancy Food Show!

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The temperature in Washington DC has been extremely hot and ice cream was a good choice to sample at the Fancy Food Show!  Tried I did!  There were so many companies offering fantastic frozen treats but as much as I wanted to try them all, even I couldn’t do it!  Here is just a sample of the ice cream I got to try at the Fancy Food Show.  Of course a stop at Ciao Bella was a must but there were so many choices of frozen desserts to try!

Last week in the Washington Post, there was a wonderful article about Gianluigi Dellaccio and  his company Dolci Gelati.  After reading the article I knew I had to visit Dolci Gelati’s booth at the Fancy Food Show. The show was a major investment for Gianluigi and I sincerely hope it brings in business that he so deserves. I thank Dolci Gelati for posting a sign saying they were the company written about in the Washington Post so I knew I was in the right place!  The booth was busy giving out samples of gelati and  I fell in love right away with the coconut gelati.  I saw everyone walking with samples from Dolci Gelati!

On my ice cream journey I tasted Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream.  I must admit I was a bit leery at first and did not know if I wanted to try it. Wine Ice Cream?  Lucky for me I changed my mind and tried  the chocolate cabernet wine ice cream.  I would keep this ice cream in my freezer any time! Chocolate and wine go very well together! Who knew! I am glad I found out how well they go together!

My frozen dessert adventure continues tomorrow!

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