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If Houses could Talk-David B. Geiger’s Glass Houses on MV!

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While on a visit to Martha’s Vineyard, I visited the Gossamer Gallery in Chilmark.  The reason I stopped was because of the African sculptures that graced the yard of this quaint gallery. There were sculptures that interested me and thought would look great in my yard.  But the biggest surprise was what I found inside!

I stared at these glass houses by  Martha’s Vineyard Sculptor David B. Geiger for such a long time and could not make up my mind which one I liked the best. Each house had something to say! But, I did not have enough time to spend at the Gallery for the houses to talk to me! The house with the nails sticking through it was not for me.  What did I want the house to represent?  Which house fit me? Was it a happy house, calming house, divided house?  So I left the houses to sit in the Gallery and will have to look at them in pictures and make a visit back to Chilmark.

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