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Another week has gone by and now we have over 140 participating in this year’s Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer.   We would like to welcome Gennaro’s North 5 Square Ristorante in Boston to their first Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer.   It was a week of spending time seeing who is participating from last year.  We are happy to say 120 from Boston Bakes 2010 have already signed up for Boston Bakes 2011! We are not done and are working very hard to surpass what we did last year.   With time on our side, we can do it!

We were sad to learn of the closing of Peaches one of our participants for the past two years and our only gluten free bakery. At least ten if not more of our participants closed since last year’s Boston Bakes and they will be missed not because it is a “restaurant” not able to participate but over the years we develop bonds with our participants so it is losing a friend for us.

Now a few of our participants are letting us know what their desserts are going to be!  Some offer the same dessert every year and we like that because that particular dessert is now a Boston Bakes trademark and we can look forward to enjoying it.  Others like to shake things up a bit, tempt us and tease us with something new.

So far some of the desserts you will be able to enjoy this year include: Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, Red Velvet Petit Fours with Raspberry Coulis, Boston Cream Pie, White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake, Sparkling Snickerdoodle Cookie and Chocolate Chip Cookies.   Are we tempting you yet?  We hope so!

Please visit our website for a current list of Boston Bakes participants!

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