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Jewish Tradition The Bakery!

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It is early in the morning and having fed my two dogs, I quickly head out the door to go to the Jewish bakery to stand on line to get my 2 round challahs and some other treats for the start of the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah.

I am writing this so my grown daughter learns this tradition as well for I am sure she has had no idea that when she was growing up each year after she left for school, I would go to the bakery to stand on a long line to get the challahs for the holiday dinner. Trust me sometimes the lines reached well out of the bakery but the time passed by talking to the friendly people waiting on line with me.   This was tradition – Jewish tradition!

Times have changed and now I can get round challahs which signify the circle of life at my local supermarket as well.  But there is something special by going to the bakery once a year and standing on line as crazy as it may sound.

This year when I went to the bakery, I had surprise!  There was just a very short line! This is the first time ever I did not have a long wait!  But I was told by the others in line that the wait would be longer later and worse tomorrow!

So I quickly bought my challahs, a prayer challah for my breakfast, after all I deserved a treat for going, black & white cookies and some marble cake, a favorite of mine growing up in New York and left.

Growing up in New York, I would enjoy the tayglach that my mother would bring home for the holidays which I did not see in this bakery.  I have made it from time to time but this year, I had no time to make it, maybe next year. I truly miss the nut cake from the now closed Cedarhurst Cake Shop in Cedarhurst, New York.  I have not yet found anything similar to that particular cake.  How I long to find that recipe but that is another story!

On my way home, I passed a school filled with cars and buses and then I realized why there was no line at the bakery!  School had not yet started and the mother’s were busy dropping off their children at school and then would be heading to the bakery and then there would be a long line!

For this year, my timing was perfect!  It might not be so for next year.  I hope this is a tradition my daughter continues and I must remember to tell her the bakery will not be open once the holiday begins.


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