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Happy Birthday America!

Since July 4th, 1777 when we celebrated our first anniversary of independence from Great Britain, we have been celebrating July 4th in style ever since!  This long time tradition has changed and evolved over the years  but the principle celebration which included parades, fireworks, 13 gun salutes, music, and ships decked out in red, white and blue started in 1777!

This year with July 4th falling on Wednesday, we are celebrating all week with towns having their fireworks on other days besides the 4th!  BBQ’s are set, family reunions taking place and the colors of course are red, white, and blue!

While many are preparing for their BBQ, getting ready the hot dogs, hamburgers and putting the finishing touches on the desserts in the colors of red, white and blue, we put out our flag ready to celebrate and party with friends and loved ones.

On this Independence Day, our thoughts and gratitude go to all that serve and have served in the armed forces for it is with their help and sacrifice and the sacrifices of their families that we stand here today celebrating.

Enjoy the wonderful fireworks and celebrations today and share with us your July 4th traditions.  It is our tradition to watch The Boston Pops conducted by Keith Lockhart on the Esplanade in Boston.  We don’t do crowds but with the quality of TV we feel like we are there with the best seat in the house.  Tonight is for songs like The Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America,  My Country, Tis of Thee, This Land is Your Land and Yankee Doodle Dandy, many of which I am sure we will hear today. After all it would not be the 4th without them!

Have a wonderful and safe July 4th!

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