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I want to wish those celebrating Rosh Hashanah a healthy and a happy New Year!  My kitchen is busy in preparation for a holiday dinner that takes days to prepare and minutes to eat!  Most of the recipes are staples that are asked for by my family ask for each year at this time.

My chicken soup is made!  Nora Ephron’s Brisket made!  The kugel is waiting to be baked as is the Bourbon Apple Crisp! The matzo balls are set to be cooked later!  I am in good shape except for needing more sleep!

I have added a few new recipes to this year’s holiday menu!

New for this year which I will share with you in the near future is shaved fennel salad made of course with Chile Olive Oil and a challah soufflé!

So it is time to set the table, get the serving dishes ready, get the kitchen into gear.  It takes days to make this meal but having family together is a great way to start off our New Year!  It does not hurt that the Patriots are on at 1PM today!

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