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Chocolate chip pancakes were always my breakfast of choice when I was a kid. The thought of light and fluffy pancakes with sweet chocolate and warm syrup makes my mouth water. Any flavor pancakes, from banana to blueberry to lemon-ricotta, are a delicious breakfast treat.

But when I eventually roll out of bed on Saturday morning, pancakes often seem like a hassle to prepare. So instead of letting the laziness take over and reaching for the cereal box, this little gadget will solve any pancake problems you might have.

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The Stainless Steel Pancake Dispenser with Holder allows for the perfectly sized pancake. Simply whip up the batter and pour it into the dispenser. The release handle will drop your batter onto the skillet in a perfect circle. And the non-dripping device will eliminate any mess you may have encountered before in your pancake preparation.

With just the press of a lever you will have the perfect pancake turning to a beautiful golden brown right before your eyes. And this dispenser isn’t limited to only one item; you can use it to release batter for waffles or crepes, fill cupcake or muffin cups, or release pizza sauce onto your dough.

honey and syrup dispenser from

And to go along with this perfect pancaker, the Honey and Syrup Dispenser is also available from By pulling the lever on the honey pot, a stream of liquid is dispensed into your cup of tea or onto your breakfast creation. And by filling the base with hot water your honey or syrup will be warmed to perfection.

These two gadgets are the perfect duo for a homemade breakfast buffet. The Stainless Steel Pancake Dispenser and Holder is available for around $40.00, and the Honey and Syrup Dispenser goes for $15.99.


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