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Did you make your reservation to take your mother out yet? We have over 275 restaurants, cafes, bakeries and chocolate shops for you to go to and help raise money for breast cancer at the same time!

Make a reservation at one of our participating restaurants and cafes for this year’s Mother’s Day and save room for dessert! Why you may ask?  At each of our participating restaurants they are offering a special dessert for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and each time you order the special Boston Bakes dessert the money will go to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to be used in the fight against breast cancer!

Bringing in, visit one of our participating bakeries and bring the desserts home! It could not be simpler!

We call this raising money one sweet at a time and we need your help to do this!

Happy Mother’s Day may it be filled with wonderful Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer desserts!

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