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O Can Make Your Life Change in a Flash! Just Ask Centerville Pie Co.!

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How often do we wish we did what the women of Centerville Pie Co did by just bringing Oprah something we strongly believe in and wanted to share with her and having her not only like the product or concept but love it and believe in you as well?  Let’s face it all of us have that same wish including myself!

The stars were aligned just perfectly for Kristin Broadley and Laurie Bowen when Kristin decided to bring Oprah their chicken pot pies when she was on the Cape for a funeral  a year ago August.  Luck, timing and a good chicken pot pie helped open the door and changed everything for two Cape women who only opened their dream pie company in the spring of 2009. By August 2009, Oprah had become a fan of their chicken pot pie. But that was just the beginning!

Well if you caught the season opener of Oprah’s 25th Season, you saw Kristin and Laurie of Centerville Pie Co on Oprah’s stage with what I am sure was the surprise of their life!  All they knew is that they were going to be on the show.  They truly had no idea the show was the ultimate wildest dreams show and Oprah teamed up with Harry and David to make Centerville Pie’s dreams come true! Now you can order Centerville’s Pie Co.  Chicken Pot Pie through Harry and David! Business is booming at the Centerville Pie Company!

So off I went to the Centerville Pie Company to check things out for myself! Check tomorrow’s blog for my visit to the Centerville Pie Company!

Photo from Wildest Dream Show

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