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RIB4CIt has always been our hope to expand and to go into new markets with our Bakes for Breast Cancer events!  We are happy to announce the First Annual Rhode Island Bakes for Breast Cancer May 11-17!

After doing Boston Bakes for 15 years we are more than ready for the next step- doing an event outside of Massachusetts and we decided that doing a Bakes for Breast Cancer in the state of Rhode Island the beautiful Ocean State is where we want to go!

The wonderful people of Rhode Island are foodies and desserties at heart. They have a love for food, desserts, restaurants, bakeries and food trucks!  Rhode Island offers all of that!

Rhode Island has incredible restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets to go to that offer incredible food and desserts.  It is the logical next step for us to be in Rhode Island. The facts speak for themselves!

Rhode Island here we come! We are so excited to be doing Rhode Island Bakes for Breast Cancer May 11-17 at restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets around the state!  If you can’t make it out to a participant or want to send a gift, visit our shop page to order desserts with a purpose to be shipped to you and your friends across the country.

We hope Rhode Island Bakes will grow as well as Boston Bakes did over time!  So check out the growing list of participants for Rhode Island Bakes for Breast Cancer and visit them May 11-17.  Desserts with a purpose are a good thing!

Help us raise more money for breast cancer research.  Monies raised will benefit Breast for Breast Cancer and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to be used for breast cancer research with the hopes of enabling all with breast cancer to survive and to find the cure for breast cancer.

Raising money for breast cancer one sweet at a time that is what we do and with your help we can do it better!

Participating establishments

Become a participating establishment – register to participate

Donations are greatly welcomed.

Sponsorship opportunities are available to enable us to raise more money for breast cancer.

Save room for dessert May 11-17 and help us raise money for breast cancer.


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