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Peter Devereaux Last Blog: Time to get caught up with Peter

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This was the last blog Peter Devereaux sent to us last month.  It is with heavy hearts we share Peter’s last blog again in light of his recent passing at the age of 52 from male breast cancer. 

For us, Peter was a beacon of light and an inspiration to anyone who had the wonderful opportunity to know and meet him.  For me, meeting Peter was indeed a special gift I will hold in my heart forever.

Peter was a true fighter both in the ring and out of the ring;  a hero who not only served his country bravely but as advocate for breast cancer which he fought since 2008 until August of 2014.  Peter never said no to any breast cancer organization that needed his help and support no matter how he felt or what treatment he was going  through. Peter just never said “no.” 

Never did Peter think in his life he would be fighting male breast cancer. He fought it with everything he had and nothing less.

His new role as a breast cancer advocate and a face for male breast cancer was truly never something that he sought; after all men with breast cancer is indeed very rare.    He was not going to be quiet about his cancer, men do get breast cancer, and do wear pink.  Peter Devereaux was going to be the face of male breast cancer, a face and person we will never forget.  

Peter, we will keep your goals and mission alive. You will be missed but always remembered.  Our thoughts are with  your lovely wife Fiona, beautiful daughter Jackie and the rest of your family and friends. 


Peter’s Last Blog:

Lets start off by saying it has been a difficult and challenging year with cancer. We have had 4 rounds of radiation in a four month period. I received a Leptomeningeal diagnosis (which means the cancer is in the fluid of my spine and brain). I received whole brain radiation, which brought me some relief. Due to the Leptomeningeal disease I was having trouble with my speech, swallow and balance. The radiation helped everything.
I am currently at home with open hospice. Right now they only have to be here once a week, I am currently I am on steroids and pain pills when needed. My weight has stabilized, I lost about 25 lbs or so, which I kinda needed for a few years. The steroids also help the appetite and bone. So I am in almost no pain. We have a plan in place that seems to be working. My priest Father Eric from our local church St Michaels has been able to come over on a weekly basis and help work our faith based spiritual plan. We will continue to be filled with hope and inspiritation. We also understand it is the spine, lungs, liver, and brain. I am crazy enough to believe there is still hope.
I need to thank my friends, family, daughter and wife. Without them I couldn’t have fought this fight.

First Meeting Peter with Kelley Tuthill and Tim Fonseca

First Meeting Peter with Kelley Tuthill and Tim Fonseca


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