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On Pi day 3.14, many mathematicians celebrate the famous number by eating the food equivalent: pie.  In honor of this day, pies deserve some recognition on our blog, too.  What I love about these baked goods is the variety of fillings (sweet or savory).  Sometimes, I even prefer dessert pies over cake!  With all the different choices (fruit pies, cream pies, custard pies, and candy/chocolate pies), they are perfect for any occasion and worth celebrating.  For all you pie fans, I do have one question for you: do you fancy the bold and rebellious whoopie pie?

The whoopie pie does not look like a traditional pie with crust.  In fact, it essentially looks like an over-sized Oreo, except it’s more complex.  The texture of the two round, mound-shaped flavored discs is a hybrid cross between cookie and cake.  Meanwhile, the filling may be sweet or creamy.  There has been some talk (sources: and Bon Appétit) that these treats may even be the next hot dessert trend for 2011, slowly replacing the cupcake fad.  The origin is inconclusive, but one thing’s for sure: “whoopie pie” is fun to say aloud!

Participating Boston Bakes restaurants/bakeries that specialize in pies or will be dedicating a version of pie to our cause:

How did you celebrate Pi(e) day?  Tell us where you go for your pie fix.

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