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I recently spent some time visiting friends in upper New York State. It was the perfect autumn get-away. The air was crisp and clear and the foliage was unbelievably beautiful. Maple trees ranged from bright yellow to deep reds and burnt orange.

A few of my friends attend St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. Although they live in a dorm they managed to make the space into a cozy, comfortable home. So comfortable, in fact, that the only time they spend away from their humble abode is to go to class, grab a scarce meal from the dining hall, and party responsibly on the weekends.

And as the winter creeps closer and the snow soon starts to pile up it’s no doubt that their time hibernating inside their dorm room will only increase.

One particular gadget in their dorm that they cherish above the rest is their electronic rice cooker. Being broke college students, Rice-A-Roni is an important meal option. White cheddar and broccoli was the flavor I had the pleasure of devouring during my visit.


Their rice cooker is often filled with other comforting options like rice pilaf, couscous, and Zatarain’s spicy rice mixes. They’re able to make meals without ever having to leave the room.

The Aroma 6-Cup Rice Cooker and Food Steamer from Target is available for $19.99. It not only cooks rice to a fluffy perfection but it also steams meats and veggies! The steam tray sits above the pot, so you can cook rice and steam foods all at the same time.

Once your rice is cooked the gadget switches to the “keep warm” setting so that it’s ready to serve whenever you are. The non-stick cooking pot is removable and dishwasher safe so the clean up is super easy.

The Aroma Rice Cooker can also be used to make oatmeal, soup and chili. And the included steamer allows you to make a healthy, balanced meal with incredible ease.

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So pick one up for your hard working college student, or get one for your own kitchen. You won’t be disappointed with the results and you’ll be amazed at the simple process!

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