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Recently I took a class at the BCAE in Boston which I will tell you about at another time with Gordon Hamersley from Hamersley’s Bistro in Boston. The class was incredible but again you will have to wait to read more about the class and why you should take any class that Gordon teaches.  He is a teacher and listening to him you learn so much and Gordon shares so much with you.  I wished the evening did not end!

In addition to making this wonderful meal, I learned a new way, the French way, we were told to scramble an egg.  Usually I add a tablespoon of water for each egg, heat a pan with butter and scramble away in a non-stick pan, add kosher salt and pepper and I have scrambled eggs.

Gordon shared with us you don’t use a non-stick pan when you make scramble eggs; you use the type of pan you hate to wash and it has to be cold and the butter has to be cold and you add the beaten eggs to the cold pan with the cold butter and you take a rubber spatula and make ribbons while the egg and the butter cook together.  You continue to do this until the egg is finished cooking.

Although I hated cleaning the pan after, that was the only bad thing about cooking the egg this way.  The scrambled egg had a richness and buttery flavor unlike my old way of cooking scrambled eggs.  Now all I need is a bigger pan so I can scramble more eggs at one time.

If you don’t get it right the first time, try and try again until you perfect scrambling your eggs!

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