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When I first came across the Spork, half spoon half fork, I thought it was the coolest invention around.

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A spoon with fork-prongs sticking out of the end seemed like an ingenious idea that would eliminate the need for the two separate utensils. But the Spork didn’t make as big of a splash as I thought it would and I really haven’t used one since the last time I ordered a baked potato at Wendy’s¬†about five years ago.

But recently I met the Spork’s little, cooler and edgier sister: the Knork. The Knork looks like a fork, but the edges are designed to cut through tough food like meat and poultry.

The Knork is perfect for parties and events where food requiring a knife and fork is served but most of the eating is done standing while chatting with friends. Trying to hold a plate and cut into your hors d’oeuvresusing a fork and knife is virtually impossible if you only have two hands. But the Knork will allow you to hold a plate with one hand and use a Knork to cut and then stab perfectly bite-sized chunks of grub with your other hand.

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And because the Knork doesn’t have a serrated or sharpened edge you don’t have to worry about cutting the inside of your mouth. The Knork has a beveled edge that allows you to slice your food without slicing yourself.

You can find the Knork online at or on Buy it in a set, one for each member of your family, or just get one to test it out. The Knork is the newest trend in cutlery!

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