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When I moved into my first apartment there were so many things that I would never have thought twice about but suddenly became a necessity to succeeding on my own. My collection of kitchen gadgets basically consisted of a frying pan, a pot and a toaster oven.

So whenever I cooked dinner I would add about five items to my ‘gadget list’ and I gradually started to build my collection. Today I don’t have to worry about running to the store to buy a can-opener before I make a tuna fish sandwich because three years of apartment living has left me with the necessary tools.

chef basket from

But when I recently needed a new strainer for my pasta obsession I came across the nifty and multi-purpose Chef Basket.

chef basket from google images

The Chef Basket can fit into a pot of boiling water so that your pasta, potatoes or hard-boiled eggs cook inside of it and then can be easily lifted out of the water without needing to be poured into a colander.

Just drop the Chef Basket into boiling water, wait for your goods to cook, and then pull the basket out and move you food directly to your plate. And there’s no need to use a pot-holder because the heat resistant handles allow you to touch the basket without being burnt!

One of the coolest parts about the Chef Basket is that it can be used as a steamer as well. It will flatten out into a shallower basket and is great for steaming fresh veggies.


Use it to rinse lettuce or defrost shrimp. The Chef Basket claims to have twelve different uses from boiling, poaching, straining and deep frying. And it easily collapses flat so it can be stored anywhere.

The Chef Basket has many different uses and is perfect for someone on a budget. It’s also an awesome gift for anyone who is just starting out on their own because it eliminates the need to buy multiple gadgets.

You can buy the Chef Basket online at for a $10.00 promotional offer. It is also available at Bed Bath & Beyond or on

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