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This Sunday will be an exciting day for football fans everywhere – it’s time for Super Bowl XLVI!


Although I’m not big into watching football, I do love the food aspect on game days. It’s not a party without the food, am I right? When I think of Super Bowl foods, so many come to mind, including dips, guacamole, nachos, wings, pizza, subs, deviled eggs, etc. — basically, fast finger foods. This weekend, *I will* be participating in the Super Bowl fun, especially since my home team, the New England Patriots, is playing.  I’ll be making pigs in a blanket and football-shaped whoopie pies – can’t leave out the desserts from the menu!


When I was doing an online search for Super Bowl party recipes, I came across some very creative ideas. If you want to change up your traditional game time foods (make things more interesting), definitely consider the following creations – they’ll be a “win” at your party!


I’ve heard of 7-layer dip, but this Mexican Cornbread Salad is over a dozen layers! Wow!


This Ritz Cheesy Football looks delicious and easy to make!


This Edible Football Stadium is beyond impressive!


Share with us: what are your plans for the Super Bowl and what foods will you be making?


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