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We recently celebrated a very big birthday at Temazcal Tequila Cantina in the Seaport area of Boston. I chose Temazcal Tequila Cantina because it had an incredible selection of tequila including one of my favorites Don Julio 1942. When I was there previously for drinks the food looked great and I knew I wanted to go back. What a great location! Right on the waterfront I thought sitting as close to the water as possible would make me feel as if I was on holiday. Mexico here I come!

Temazcal Tequila Cantina does not take reservations but I thought if we arrived around 4 pm on a Sunday afternoon, we could enjoy drinks while waiting for our table.  An hour’s wait for an outside table went quickly when enjoying great drinks and chips!

Who was sitting at the table next to us? Tedy Bruschi and his family were also celebrating a special birthday. We exchanged birthday greetings with one another and let them have their privacy and family time.

The restaurant uses an iPad for their menu which I thought was terrific and fun. But half of our party thought a menu would be cleaner than using an iPad and would have preferred a menu. The other half thought the menu and iPad were equally as clean and enjoyed using the iPad.  The iPad gives you so much information that a menu!

We started with guacamole langosta (guacamole with lobster) which the iPad not only shows you a picture but tells you the ingredients and shares some of the recipes and the history of the recipe with you.

Our main courses included Carne Asada Tampiquena -marinated grilled skirt steak , cheese enchilada which I could have eaten all day long, frijoles negros , queso fresco and salsa Tampico; Dorado Mojo De Ajo -grilled mahi mahi, roasted garlic sauce,chile de arbol and Plantain Mash; Filete Relleno De Salpicon- fresh cod with shrimp, crab and cilantro with watercress-lime aioli.  Everyone loved all of their entrees.

Temazcal Tequila Cantina does serve Lechón Asado a whole roasted pig. Many restaurants will make your party preorder a whole pig for you to enjoy.  I believe an individual can enjoy Lechón Asado without everyone else ordering it as well. I believe they present the pig and serve you from it and take the pig away. Next time I go back, I want to try the Lechón Asado and see how they do it!

The one dish I am looking for in a restaurant outside of Puerto Vallarta to enjoy is Pescado Zarandeado- a spiced rubbed, slow grilled whole fish, snapper or sea bass with tortillas, red  onion and sauces. My search is still on because no Mexican restaurant I go to locally has it on their menu. Either I will have to continue my search for a restaurant that makes a grilled whole snapper or find a recipe and make it myself.

We saved room for dessert! The desserts were wonderful. The birthday dessert is a cheesecake topped with strawberries. There were so many great desserts and ice cream to enjoy as well.

We had a fun evening filled with great food and drink and can’t wait to go back!

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