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I recently traveled to an wedding in Ohio and never paid much attention to the gift box left in my room until this wedding.

Here I was in Columbus, Ohio for the first time and when I got to my room not only was there a refrigerator, a gift from the mother of the bride with a sweet note but a lovely gift box from the bride and groom and many bottles of water.

So what was inside the box?  Information on Columbus and things to do.  The hotel was in such a great location, I could walk to over 127 restaurants, art galleries and North Market.  There was such an energy and in the evening the outdoor patios of every restaurant and cafe was filled with people.  People were everywhere!

So what was in the box? Everything that was local! Candy, Ballreich’s potato chips, and a fantastic brownie called Auburn Original Brunette Sweetie from Sugardaddy’s to name just a few things!

The next time I need to make gift box for out-of-town guests, I am going to keep it local and share with my guests what makes where I live special.  Keeping it local makes it special for not only the bride and groom but for the the guest who traveled to share your wedding  with you.  It worked for me!

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