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We honestly don’t know where the time goes. Yesterday it seems summer just started and now the trees are bare.  Breast Cancer Awareness Month came and went already!  When you are young and in school the school year seems to last forever.  As you get older, time goes quickly.

We did not write much about Breast Cancer Awareness Month because we feel Bakes for Breast Cancer is pink 24/7 365!  All year long we are pink and work hard to raise money for breast cancer!  There is not a day that goes by where we don’t work on our events- Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and the Bakes for Breast Cancer Bake Sale. Now we are looking for sponsors to join our events and help us to raise more for breast cancer a disease that touches so many women and men we know and love.

How can you help this season?  It is the season for giving!  We believe giving for breast cancer research should be done 12 months out of every year!  Your donation to our organization no matter where you live would be greatly appreciated and easy to do from any computer!  Just donate today!

Participate in one of our events!  All you need to have is a dessert for sale! In January we will kick off the 15th Annual Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer which will take place May 5-11.  We will then share with you our honoree for which the event is dedicated.  We will make it easy for our participants to sign up to join the event while keeping you informed where you can go and enjoy desserts  or where you can send desserts from that will arrive at your home no matter where in the country you live  during the week of Boston Bakes.  There is a reason we call this raising money for breast cancer research one sweet at a time!

Want to do more? 

Hold a Bakes for Breast Cancer Bakes Sale anytime and anyplace across the country! Get your friends together and bake away.  A bake sale is a great and fun way to raise money for breast cancer.  Get your favorite recipes out, your friends together, register and we will send you everything you need to hold a bake sale.  Send us pictures because we want to see everything!

Volunteer and help us with the numerous projects we are working on!  If you have a special talent, we can find something that you would like to do!

For us, keep us in your thoughts this holiday season! Keep us with you all year long! Help us reach new heights!


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