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Living with family members who suffer from lactose intolerance when I don’t have that problem has lead me to try both regular and Lactaid products. I can tell you that Lactaid products taste pretty much the same as products with lactose in them. If you are starting to develop a lactose intolerance or someone in your family is, I can tell you that it’s okay to make the switch. You and your whole family can switch to Lactaid products and still enjoy the foods you love.

I use Lactaid milk for pretty much everything now. I put it in Mac N Cheese, cereal, mashed potatoes, cupcakes, and any other recipe that calls for milk. The food tastes the same as when I use regular milk. I’ve used Lactaid milk so much that I’ve gotten used to it and sometimes I prefer to use it. I’ve gotten used to Lactaid milk after drinking it about two times. I’ve tried both regular ice cream and Lactaid ice cream and taste no difference; they both taste like creamy ice cream to me. My family no longer has to buy two different types of milk or ice cream to satisfy everyone. We all pretty much stick with Lactaid products. When I go to buy ice cream, I buy Lactaid ice cream for the whole family to enjoy.

When switching to Lactaid products, I can tell you that you will get used to it and have nothing to worry about in regard to taste. The cool thing about having lactose intolerance is that there are so many different Lactaid alternatives that you can have instead that taste just as delicious. There are even chewable Lactaid pills that you can take so you can still eat some of your favorite lactose foods without having a problem.

If you have to make the switch, there should be no hesitation to try it. Some may fear trying something new, but you’ll be surprised on how good it taste. You can still enjoy all the same foods and be able to share it with the whole family without tasting a difference. Even if one family member has a lactose intolerance, the whole family can switch to Lactaid products and still enjoy the same foods.

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