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Today was the dreaded day of my MRI and all in all, it went OK. I was upset that I couldn’t get my usual early-morning appointment, and had to go in for noon. Typically I like to be the first appointment of the day because I will not have to wait for someone else and will have my IV in my arm for the shortest time possible. It also gives me less time to be nervous and go into panic mode.

Today, my husband drove me and on the way, I took one of my 1 mg Ativan to help me relax. Once we got there, I got changed into my double gown and scrub pants, and was alerted that there might be a problem. One of the questions on the form I filled out asked when the first day of my last period was. My MRI is supposed to take place somewhere between day seven and day 14 and I was on day 17. There certainly is nothing like discussing your menstrual cycle with a male stranger with a calendar in hand. The radiologist was called on the phone and gave the OK for me to have the MRI. I was a little nervous about this, but reassured that my results would still be accurate.

Then I had the MRI as usual. IV in (BIG YUCK) and then into the room and onto the ‘massage table’ face down with my boobs in the tubes. Ear plugs in and arms out in front of me Superman style. Then 35 minutes of loud noise, including the last 10 minutes where the contrast dye was used. Today the dye felt different than usual. There was a warm feeling in my mouth and on my lips and a metallic taste too. But it only lasted about 30 seconds. I kept thinking about how this test was actually searching for breast cancer in my body. I hope there isn’t any to find! I will know next Monday.

After the 35 minutes were over, the technicians came into the room to get me. They took out the IV and helped me back into my gowns. I sat for a few minutes to get my bearings and help the dizzy feeling to pass. After I left, my hubby took me out for a late lunch. We ate veggie burgers and talked about our future and the possibility of buying a house and it took my mind completely off of my MRI.

Stay tuned next week and I will share the results of my MRI.


  • carol says:

    April, We hope all went well with your MRI yesterday and thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

    • April says:

      Thank you, Carol!

      • carol says:

        Happy to hear your MRI results which are now complicated by the fibroids. I had them and never knew it! I just thought as I got older it was normal to get a little heavier in the stomach area! You were dealt so very much and you will figure out in time what to do next. With great doctors, a wonderful husband, family and friends, you will figure this out too.

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