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9/11 changed us forever. Every year that passes brings back the same memories for me on 9/11.  I remember where I was and what I was doing.  I remember what I saw on TV when the planes hit the World Trade Centers. I remember the events that followed.  I remember people walking looking for their loved ones and putting up pictures of their missing loved ones.

Now ten years later, the memories are still vivid.  The enormity of the event does not change but it did change us forever.  Now on most television channels, they are telling us of the shows and specials about 9/11 which will soon air.  A book on the heroic dogs (Dog Heroes) who worked at ground zero is at bookstores for us to purchase.  How many shows are too many?  Well that remains to be seen as well as what they will be about.

I don’t remember if the 5th “anniversary” of 9/11 brought the number of stories on television we will soon see.  I am curious how seeing the many programs will make me feel.

My thoughts go to those lives who were cut short that day, to the families for the loss of their loved ones, to the firefighters and police who came to do their job in the toughest of circumstances.  Think of how many live in the area of the World Trade Centers, how many schools are nearby and how many young children were in class that morning when their neighborhood changed in an instant.   How are they doing ten years later?  How are those who lived through this attack doing today? To those who survived, my thoughts are with you all.

The reality of seeing what happened on 9/11 and living through this first hand is much different than watching it on television.

The 9/11 Memorial opens on 9/11/2011 for the victims’ families and on 9/12 for the general public. I hope one day to visit the Memorial.   If you want to go you can reserve a visitor’s pass online.

How have we as a country changed?  We changed drastically and so has the skyline of New York.



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