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Thanks to my iPad, while I traveling, I can keep up with some news in the States. The news of Hostess closing is surreal to me and no photo of any Hostess or Drake product to add to this blog is necessary. It is the end of something that has been a part of American life.

To go onto the Hostess website and see in black and white “Hostess Brands is Closed” is shocking! All of the products I grew up on are gone or will be shortly. No more chocolate cupcakes with the cream center, snowball cupcakes, ring dings and ding dongs, chocolate covered donuts and of course the iconic Twinkie, all for now will be history.

Who in my generation did not grow up on Wonder Bread? It was a staple in our house. A fluffernutter not made on Wonder Bread is not a fluffernutter! Wonder bread, peanut butter and fluff is the recipe for the perfect fluffernutter sandwich.

I know my childhood is long over but the memories of Hostess products are always with me. But not being able to enjoy them from now on makes me feel like I am living in a whole new world in which when I stop at a convenience store, all the Hostess products will not be in front of me calling out my name. There will be empty shelves in the supermarkets where once Hostess products stood. The bread aisle will not have the iconic Wonder Bread.

A lot is lost with the closing of Hostess, the loss of jobs included. There will be no more smells from the bakeries that baked the products filling the air, no more products for us to buy and no more Hostess trucks one the road.

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