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I always enjoy this time of year because it’s apple and pumpkin picking season. It’s a lovely tradition in New England, and the fun parts are spending quality time with your friends and family, and baking delicious treats with your picked fruits.


I went to Tougas Farm in Northboro about a month ago, when the season just started. There’s still time to visit before the month of October ends. I like this farm because it was very organized and well-run, there was a wide variety of apples available for picking, and they had the most delicious cider donuts, fresh kettlecorn popcorn, and amazing apple crisp à la mode. In addition, there were a petting zoo and playground for kids, picnic areas for families, and also pumpkin picking.


photo 3 (5)apple pie

At Tougas, a $30 bag (half bushel, ~20 pounds) fit just over 50 apples. I stuffed the bag with gala, (early) fuji, honey crisp, and cortland apples. Honey crisp were my favorite because they were very juicy and sweet. The farm staff recommended using cortland apples for baking. I baked an apple pie using those apples. I’ve heard that baking with a mix of different apples also yields good results.


Let us know: Where do you usually go for apple picking? What do you like to make with your picked apples? Have a happy and safe Columbus Day weekend!



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