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Avoiding Stress Eating


If you’re in college, your semester is probably almost over, which means lots of term papers, presentations, and finals. Lots of time spent inside, sitting down, working on things that might not always be the most interesting to you. For lots of people, that leads to mindless, stress eating. What do you do when you need to get the work done but would also like to avoid gaining five pounds in the process? Here are my tips!

  • dont get stressed get dessert uploaded to Flickr public files by ichabodhidesAvoid anything that’s not already portioned out. If the whole bag of chips is in front of you, you will eat the whole bag of chips. Put what you plan on eating in a bowl, then put the rest back into the cabinet. When your done, wash your plate and put it away. You’ll be less likely to go back for seconds since it will feel like a whole new meal, rather than a continuation of a previous one.
  • Stick to something healthier so it won’t matter if you eat a little too much. No one ever complained about eating too many carrots! 
  •  Do your work in a library or coffee shop. Not being at home takes away the possibility of being a slob. I always find it easier to concentrate in these places too.
  • Take a break if you feel like you’ve hit a block with your work. When you feel stuck is when you’re most likely to distract yourself with food. Taking a break will give you time to clear your head. If you have time, try to do something relaxing, like go for a walk or talk to friends. 
  • Drink lots of water. If you have a huge water bottle sitting next to you, you’ll reach for that as a distraction instead of food. Try flavored water if you want to mix it up, most are just as hydrating as water and have few, if any, calories.


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